Hey Guys! I hope you are well! So I’ve noticed something for a long time and I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while, I think it’s something we all know about yet we never talk about it. I’ve noticed something I like to call “Social Warfare” and “Social Espionage.” Like I said we all know about it and whenever we’re in our social circles then this topic seems to make its way into a conversation. Things such as who viewed our social media profiles, how many followers we have and likes we get seem to define who we are and it improve or deflate our self-esteem. I think for me personally it’s definitely a topic that’s close to my heart because it’s something everyone can relate to, I mean I’ve been in some weird situations thanks to social media. It definitely has its pros and cons. An easy example would be when you scrolling through someone’s profile and you accidently like a pic from a year ago (yes its happened to me!)



I always thought it was weird that we read so much into who views our Instagram or Facebook accounts, I mean isn’t that what a profile is for right? To be viewed! I feel we really overthink things when it comes how many followers each person has and how many likes we get. I think everyone thinks about it in the back of their mind whenever their finger hovers over the “post” button.


Social Warfare

We are living in a day and age full of visuals and visual stimulation. I’ve found that in some way or another we all engage in a bit of “Social Warfare.” Whether this means competing with another person and trying to be better than them on social media or criticizing/gossiping about another person’s social media presence, it happens on a daily basis. I’ve seen friendships get destroyed over the “Why aren’t you following me on Instagram” issue. Here’s the thing, you should be allowed to follow and unfollow whomever you want, it’s YOUR Instagram account! What you allow and don’t allow in your life is completely up to you. Personally if I know you and you unfollow me I wouldn’t take it personally. I think we all need to get to a place where we okay with that. It becomes tricky when you close with someone and they unfollow you, it becomes so hard for people to deal with. It’s important to remember friendships aren’t built on social media interaction.


Social Espionage

I was listening to the radio the other day and the topic of Whatsapp came up and how people use all these sneaky tactics when they don’t want to reply. I learnt that when people get a message on Whatsapp they employ this tactic of putting their phones on Flight Mode, read the message, close the app and then put their phone off Flight Mode. The whole point of the exercise is to stop the sender of the message getting those blue ticks which informs them that you’ve read their message and you clearly ignoring them. I get that we all have to deal with stalkers and annoying people but the crazy thing is that people actually do this to their friends and family.


What I’m trying to say is that perhaps we should focus on growing our relationships on a personal level and get to a place where we can be transparent with those around us instead of using under handed tactics every day. We need to remember that our value isn’t determined by how many followers or likes we get and that now is the best time to be who YOU are. We needn’t copy someone else or seek likes, we should focus on adding value to other people on a daily basis whether it be in person or on our different social media and through that you be able to live more fulfilled without having to rely on social media approval.


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