When you think of Spring you’d never associate it with the colour black. I think generally we all look forward to Spring after a cold miserable winter and can’t wait to break out the colours. I’ve been enjoying the topsy-turvy weather Cape Town has been experiencing of late and that’s what led me to write this post. Cape Town has had quite a bit of rain as well as shine during Spring so why should you pack away all of your black clothing items? Sometimes it seems like a cliché to immediately jump into colour just because it’s Spring and the situation might not demand you trying to pair different colours of the rainbow together.


I’ve been making slow strides to introduce more colour into my wardrobe, but I have a hard time denying a good black leather jacket when I’m on the go or out at night. Black is a go-to colour for many people especially me and it’s pretty much always on trend, but sometimes it can look a bit out of place during spring. The thing about black though is that it’s so easy to style. It’s easy to lighten up your black wardrobe pieces for spring. Below I’ve written down a few reasons why you SHOULD wear black in Spring.


It means never worrying about matching

Black on black always works and black can even be paired with a brighter colour. If black is your base it will never seem out of place if paired correctly. It just makes it easier for you to look good when you’re on the run to an event or a night out.

It makes you look more mature

Black has always had the ability to make one look more mature and make you look much more presentable no matter whether you are smart or casual. It also make you look slimmer and that is definitely a plus when we’re all working on getting our summer bodies ready before summer gets here (wink wink)

It allows you to experiment with accessories

If you’re wearing all black it’s important to always accessorize. An outfit can look quite plain if there are no accessories to back it up. A watch, a necklace or some decent wrist wear can make a world of difference. I also like to experiment with different statement pieces if I’m wearing an all-black outfit to make the outfit really stand out.

It works for every season

Despite what many people say, black is trans-seasonal and is always on-trend no matter what season it is. It is more prominent in winter but it never goes out of style in summer and always makes you look and feel great and is one of the most versatile colours to have.

You always look stylish

The great thing about being a guy is throwing on a cool black jacket, trendy pair of jeans and clean cut t-shirt and always being ready for anything whether you’re going out with the guys or in a restaurant with the lady. If you heading to different events in the same night, black allows you to change your jacket or shoes and still look fresh. Something that’s a bit trickier if you’re wearing different colours.


Outfit Details:

Jacket: Zara

T-shirt: H&M

Jeans: Woolworths

Shoes: Refinery

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