Hey you all! Hope you well. So lately I’ve been thinking about my blog and where I’d like to take it as we are bringing 2017 to a close and heading into 2018. I’m very excited to announce that in addition to the fashion posts I usually put out, I’ll be expanding my blog to a travel section as well. Jozelle and I are planning a trip or two for 2018 and I thought it would great to include the places we’ve already been before we head off to our next destination.

From a young age I’ve always wanted to travel the world and explore as many places as possible. I was born with an inquiring mind and the best way I figured I could satisfy this insatiable hunger was to see as many places as possible. Throughout my teens and early twenties I would watch on as many of my friends seem to be able to pack up and go on holiday anywhere in the world at will! For me it was a different story as I had to work hard, save, be patient and wait for my moment.



When Jozelle and I got engaged I knew my moment had come. At the time, Thailand was at the height of popularity and we decided to catch the wave and see what the fuss was about so we planned to go to Thailand for our honeymoon.

As you can imagine being a first time flyer I was excited and just taking everything in as it came. I absorbed every single moment. We landed in Phuket at about 21:30 at night and I was humbled and amazed at the fact that I am now standing on a completely new continent, the furthest I had ever been from home.


Our first night was pretty interesting and not what we expected. We took a taxi from the airport straight to our hotel which had the most amazing pictures online but when we got there it was anything but amazing. Picture this… It’s your honeymoon, you excited for your trip away, you’ve waited your entire life for this, you get to your hotel open up the curtains and instead of seeing an amazing view of Phuket, all you see is a brick wall staring back at you! The hotel wasn’t situated in the greatest of areas and was pretty far from where we wanted to be, plus the toilet was leaking when we checked the bathroom and the hotel had the option to pick us up at the airport which we made use of but nobody pitched up. I should have known this before but I had nonetheless learnt my first lesson of traveling internationally… DO YOUR RESEARCH!


As the guy I was in charge of sorting out everything honeymoon related and I was not content to see my bride unhappy with where we were staying. We decided to drop our things, check out Phuket and try and find a new hotel to stay in. We spent the late hours of the evening and early hours of the morning discovering the amazing nightlife Phuket had to offer while also checking out different hotels. We knew it was last minute but a lot of the places along Patong Beach were quite pricy, we searched and searched and we finally settled at Thantip Beach Resort which was such a great place and at a good rate.



The first few days we were there we realized that Thailand is everything and more what we expected. Although our arrival was not that great in hindsight it makes a great story to tell and Jozelle and I laugh about it whenever we remember that moment. When you take the time to immerse yourself in the culture of another country and their way of life it just makes you a better person. Thailand has incredible beauty, the landscapes and the beaches are a sight to see. The people are so friendly and helpful. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience an exotic yet humble way of life.


What to Eat: Street Food, Phuket has some amazing restaurants with all kinds of food but nothing beats the street delicacies Phuket has to offer and its quite affordable if you on a budget. There are so many different kinds of Asian food to eat. They have lots of lovely and unusual things to eat like a whole squid on a stick. Tip: Try a local fruit known as “Dragon Fruit” it’s quite common and you can buy it at almost any street vendor for around 50baht.



Where to Stay: Like I said before the hotels along the beach can be quite pricy but I would suggest the Thantip Beach Resort. The staff were friendly and helpful and it was quite a comfortable stay at a great rate and it was only a 5min walk from the beach. The further inland you go the more affordable it gets although the area has a great hostel culture and you can find one almost anywhere.



What To Do: The James Bond and Phi Phi Island tours were the highlight on our trip. They are both incredibly beautiful tours and a must see if you’re in Phuket. You get taken on a boat ride to lots of different islands on the way. You go snorkeling, canoeing and lots of other activities which takes up most of the day which was a great experience. We also went to see Big Budda which gives you some insight on the cultural heritage of the Thai people.




Things To Try: Bartering is a great way to engage with the locals. Usually they will come to you and try to sell you something as you walk past their stalls. If you stop and look they try to hassle you for a sale and will persist until they get it. Most are friendly and nice but you get some who are quite pushy. Try meeting new people while you are there. In Phuket there are probably as many tourists as locals, there are so many different nationalities all around you and you never know who you might meet. I even met a British guy with the same surname as me and it was pretty cool.



Thailand is always a good idea when looking for a great escape. There’s a reason it’s always been so popular. The people are amazing, the food is great and the beauty of the landscape is incredible. When I left I said I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back again!

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