Hey Guys, so December is upon us and it seems most people are already transitioning from work to holiday mode. I think everybody is counting down the days to their leave and can’t wait to take a break from everything. I feel like the older we get the quicker the years go by, I can’t believe the holidays are here already. 2017 has gone by so quickly.

I’ve been making so many holiday plans lately, more than usual because I think some holiday fun is well deserved after the year I’ve had. This year has just been so busy and it’s had its ups and downs. I don’t know how this year has been for you but it’s just been a mix of everything. This year I definitely felt how tough it is to be an independent adult. You juggle so many different things and at the end of the year you look forward to a much needed rest. I will definitely be featuring the different things I’ll be doing on the blog, so have a look out for that in the coming weeks.

About this outfit

Cape Town has been weird lately, last week we had a week full of rain and this week has been so hot! Most of us Capetonians who are still working always need to have that light coat in case the weather changes (which it usually does in Cape Town).

It’s always nice to end off the year in style, whether it is at work or in a casual setting. I decided to go with a blue palette for this work outfit which works so well with being in the office as well as in the evening and the sleeves can be rolled up for after work drinks. Blue is one of my favourite colours to style as it goes so well with anything. The different shades of blue tend to go with each season. Usually we’d go for lighter blue tones for summer and darker tones for winter. Today I decided to incorporate both in my outfit. The entire outfit is from Woolworths.



Outfit Details:

Shirt: Studio W

Tie: Trenery

Tie bar: Woolworths

Trousers: Woolworths

Belt: Woolworths

Shoes: Studio W

Trench Coat: Studio W

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All photos by Goose Photography


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