Hey Guys! I think every blogger has other bloggers they look up to. These are specific bloggers who have inspired them to start blogging and continue to inspire many other people in many different ways whether it be starting a blog or improve their personal style. Even before I started my blogging journey there were guys I looked up to, guys who are blazing the trail for male fashion bloggers all around the world. I admire each of the bloggers below because each one has inspired me in some way or another. These male fashion bloggers you may not be following yet but you should definitely put them on your radar in 2018. I’ve added the links to their blogs and Instagram profiles below.

Daniel Fuchs, Kosta Williams and Sandro Rasa from The Modern Man

These guys are the epitome of style. They are the first male fashion bloggers I started following and I have been blown away by their style. Everything they wear is something I would too, they pull off formal wear so well and can make the most casual outfit look so cool. I think what blew me away most was how effortless they make everything look, these guys are a big inspiration to me as a blogger and I recommend you check out their social media profiles. If you are looking for new male fashion blogs to read I would recommend Daniel, Kosta and Sandro

Daniel Fuchs

Kosta Williams

Sandro Rasa


Joseph from Joey London

I discovered Joey’s blog while searching for new fashion bloggers after I had already started my own blog and was fascinated to find how similar our blog names were (Joshy Cape Town/ Joey London). He is an amazing fashion blogger and a Zayn Malick lookalike. I love his personal style, his outfits are really well put together and really great for the everyday guy who would like to improve their wardrobe. His writing is so enjoyable to the point where you feel like you’re sitting down having a coffee and talking about fashion together. The photography in his blog and on the gram is amazing and he is definitely worth a follow!


Isaac Likes

Isaac is a New Zealander living in New York who is a DJ as well as a fashion blogger. He is one of my favourite bloggers who has a really cool laid back style. I love his humour and realness in his blog posts and on his Instagram profile. What makes Isaac different is that he not only focusses on fashion but also relationships, which makes for pretty interesting reading.


Adam Gallagher

There are no words that could accurately describe my admiration for Adam Gallagher’s work. He changed my perception of what a blogger could be and that fashion blogging could also be story telling if you do it right and put effort into what you’re doing. One blog post that moved me particularly was a Valentine’s Day post titled “A Love Affair” in which he is portraying a character who is a commuter and works long hours. Although the character works extensively he hasn’t forgotten the effort he puts into the relationship with his lover and he is dressed “to the nines” as Adam describes. For the first time I saw a fashion blogger tell me a story through the pictures and the clothing he was wearing. Adam puts a lot of effort into his pictures which is what makes his work so extraordinary. It would definitely worth your time to check out his blog.

A new year comes with new things, new experiences and new inspiration and if you are looking for new fashion inspiration look no further than the bloggers I’ve mentioned above. They are the real deal! Happy 2018 everyone!

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