This past Christmas and even before that I have really been looking forward to purchasing some clothes for myself but lately I haven’t found any inspired pieces or something that grabbed my attention. I would go to malls over and over in search of something that would really make my eyes swell with excitement and give me that “I HAVE to have this” feeling but to no avail.

As anyone with a hint of interest in fashion would do, I started checking out trends overseas and what was trending there. I came across quite a few online stores overseas which really peaked my interest to the point where I am actually considering buying most of my clothes overseas now. Unfortunately we in South Africa are still lagging behind a bit when it comes to what’s trending.

One of the stores I discovered was Boohoo Man. I came across this store on Instagram (naturally lol!), I saw a Youtuber I love promoting this Nirvana tee on his account and that’s when I got that “I HAVE to have this” feeling. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE 80’s and 90’s rock bands and Nirvana is one of my favourite bands. Last year when the Rock band t-shirt was trending I definitely purchased quite a few tees for my collection and I had never seen a Nirvana tee like this before so I decided to buy it immediately.

In South Africa I think we’ve made great strides in terms of transitioning from normal retail shopping to online shopping and I think it will continue to be on the up and up but I was a bit nervous purchasing my first product from an international online store. Purely because of the stigma that surrounds online shopping and how what you see online is hardly ever what you get when it’s delivered.

When buying from Boohoo you can rest assured that you will be getting great quality items. I am so happy with the quality of this item. I decided to test the waters by buying a few t-shirts and judge from there if I would buy from them again and I am SO looking forward to buying more items from their range.

There are so many things I love about this brand! I love the variety they have in their collection and it mostly consists of items I haven’t seen in retail stores so you never have to worry about running into someone with the same type of t-shirt, jacket or jeans. They are so different in that they cater to different types of people. Whether you’re a small/big guy or petit/plus sized woman they have a range of clothes for everybody! For the ladies, they even have maternity wear! Another thing I love is that they always have 40 or 50% sale going on which saves you a lot of money on items that would be a bit more pricy anywhere else.


One thing I need to let you know about when I ordered these items is that there was a shipping fee of 8-9 euros to ship to South Africa. When I worked it out including the 50% sale that they always have it still came out to a reasonable amount so you don’t really lose anything.

On the whole I would definitely recommend Boohoo Man (or Boohoo if you’re a female reading this) if you looking to improve your wardrobe with some awesome, trendy items. I’m already planning what I’d like to buy next! J Below are their Instagram profiles and links to their website! Happy shopping!



Boohoo Man

Outfit Details:

T-Shirt: Boohoo Man

Jeans: Woolworths

Shoes: Refinery

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