A New Home

Heys Guys So todays blog post will be short and sweet, it is a different type of blog post yet one I have been eagerly awaiting FOR MONTHS now! I have finally upgraded my blog to something I’ve always wanted it to be, with this upgrade I sort of think of myself as an actual … Continue Reading

Back to the Beach

Hey Guys! So I’ve got a secret to tell you, it’s a secret not many people keep in this day and age, especially in 2017. With a heavy heart… it pains me to tell you… I’ve been going to…GYM! LOL! Yeah I’m lame I know! I usually stay away from certain trends and that’s definitely … Continue Reading


Hi Guys!   Welcome to my blog! I am SO pumped and excited about finally doing this. I have wanted a platform to express myself creatively and a place where I can showcase me being me and what I’m about. I have wanted to start a fashion blog for a long time and just decided … Continue Reading